Become a Nurse Assistant

Nursing assistant courses integrate classroom, lab and clinical training sessions to prep you for the real work environment. Right now is a good time to get your Nurse Aide Certificate to go into the fast expanding medical care profession. Courses are taught by cna-1registered nurses. The class size is kept minimal for plenty of one on one instructing and consultation. Managing to keep the content captivating and concentrated on prepping you for the certification exam is very important.

An exceptional first step into the rapidly growing health care profession. As a Nursing Aide you are going to have in demand skill-sets. Training programs prepare you to take on the CNA (certified nurse aide) examination. The CNA compensation outpaces those with no the accreditation. You will find that a career as a nursing aide is extremely fulfilling! The Nurse Assistant salary is dependent on the specific location, but is over $26,000 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Nurse Aide Programs, or nurses assistant programs, are fashioned to prepare individuals for a vocation as a nurses assistant and to take the Prometric State Test in order to come to be a Certified Nursing Aide. Upon conclusion of the program they have the practical knowledge and proficient skills to work in locations for extended care. This is an excellent access point into the health care field. Acquire life like practice in a simulation lab. Work with dummies in beds and wheelchairs to obtain hands on expertise in a safe and exciting way. You discover more by doing and our program helps keep you occupied with care tasks! Obtain instruction by Registered Nurses. Instructors go beyond preparing you for the exam and prepare you for a real life workplace atmosphere. Curriculum typically consists of 36 lecture hours, 36 hours of laboratory work and 24.5 hours of clinical experience. Also included is 4 hours of CPR education for a total of 100.5 hours.

Quickly finish your training in just four weeks. In addition to learning in an interactive classroom setting, you are going to obtain hands-on practical experience in our recently renovated simulation lab. Here you will perform looking after residents in a life-like setting that imitates a long term care facility. Companies are seeking qualified job candidates! Medical Centers, Adult Foster Care Facilities, Residential Homes and Long Term Care Facilities are without a doubt seeking certified Nursing Assistants.

Training Info includes:

  • Vital Signs – Get to know how to take vital signs and convey them to the nurse or doctor
  • Elimination – Discover the process of elimination and ways in which it effects the body
  • Rehabilitation – Get to know the path to patient rehab
  • Nutrition – Get to know important nutrition facts for optimal patient well being
  • Environment – Find out exactly how the environment effects patient recovery and overall health
  • Residents Rights – Learn the rights of nursing home residents
  • Infection Control – Get to know exactly how to effectively treat as well as protect against infections in patients
  • Safety and Body Mechanics – Learn how to move patients safely and securely by being aware of body mechanics and techniques
  • Interaction Skills – Get to know exactly how to have interaction with patients to provide the very best possible experience
  • Bed Making – Find out exactly how to properly make a bed for patient safety and comfort
  • Dementia Care – Acquire a Dementia Care Certificate
  • Mental Health – Learn the fundamentals of patient mental health and wellness
  • Restraints – Master exactly how as well as when to utilize patient restraints
  • Personal Care – Find out exactly how to help patients in taking care of their personal care
  • Cultural Diversity – Learn exactly how to work with patients despite their culture
  • Death and Dying – Learn how to face death and dying

Tuition covers an uniform, a patch, text books, background check, TB test, and the charge for Prometric State Certification Test. All trainees also have the option to receive their up-dated immunizations and flu shot. Earn a Dementia Care certification during your training. Four hour prep day is presented alongside practice exams to help prepare you pass the State Certification Exam. The State Nurse Aide Certification Exam is conducted onsite by Prometric. As a state certified nurses aide, you are going to find opportunities to work both in the community and around the state. The median pay for a CNA’s is over $26,000 * (* according to the US Department of Labor).


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